The TOP 10 most effective ways to stop sugar cravings!


Everyone has struggled with craving certain foods that are not necessarily “healthy” at one time or another. It is particularly more difficult during this time of year starting this week with Halloween! How many of you have just wanted a '“piece” of your child’s candy only to eat almost all of it?! I want to share the top ways to stop those sugar cravings in their tracks today!

  1. Consume small, frequent meals : This helps keep you fuller & less likely to indulge on sweets. Make sure to get adequate amounts of protein in as well. Protein rich foods help to regulate your blood sugar.  This in turn causes your body to stay more at a steady state & have less frequent “ups & downs” with your blood sugar which can lead to cravings! These meal replacement shakes taste incredible & provide protein! (p.s. chocolate PB is my fave!)

  2. Chew Gum

  3. Drink more water: Many times we mistake hunger for actually being thirsty. Aim for at least your body weight in ounces of water daily.

  4. Find a distraction:  Read a book, get outside, watch a movie. Try to focus on something else

  5. Brush your teeth

  6. Make sure you are getting an adequate amount of vitamins & nutrients in (this clickable link will give you a comprehensive chart). Often, our bodies crave certain foods based on nutrients we are lacking.

  7. Crave Check SR: This is INCREDIBLE at helping to control those cravings. It works by helping to keep your glucose levels at a steady state as well. You can check it out here! Slim & Thermoplus are also amazing at controlling appetite & burning fat!

  8. Get active: Go for a walk, play with your kids. Just get moving & moving away from that kitchen!

  9. Start to examine the “why” behind your cravings:  Is it a certain time? A certain situation? Think about the reason why & see what you can do to change those factors!

  10. Give in to those cravings now & then: Life shouldn’t be about complete restriction constantly...because we all know what happens in those situations! Enjoy your favorite treat or meal now & then! Enjoy dinner out on the weekends. The key is moderation & remembering your goals! God designed our bodies to be vessels...let’s take care of those!

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