My TOP 3 tips to overcome excuses not to exercise!

•My TOP 3 tips to help you overcome some of the top excuses we have all made not to exercise!•

1. “Not enough time”: This is probably the most common one I’ve heard and/or said to myself in the past. However, you do not have to spend hours in the gym to get healthy & get the results you want! A simple 30 minutes routine at home will get the trick done! The best solution for this that has worked for me personally & ALL of my clients time and time again is just getting up 30 minutes earlier! You don’t have to get up & drive to the gym. Just get up & do something at home!! Trust me, once you get in the habit of will love it!! Just ask some of my clients 😉

2. “I don’t have any equipment”: of course, having a treadmill/elliptical/etc @ home is an awesome addition but definitely NOT a necessity! Pull up YouTube & search workout videos, do some push ups, jumping jacks, etc! That is all free & super efficient!

3. “I don’t know what to do!”: start off with just a brisk 30 minute walk outside. Start simple. And if you love it & start seeing results (which I know you will)....check out my 6 Week affordable online program! I give you ALL the tools to LEARN what to do to feel better, become healthier, lose weight, build lean muscle!

What are some positive tips you have found that work to you help stop making excuses & fit exercise into YOUR life? I would love to hear yours in the comments! ⤵️

💓It’s the only life we get ladies....make it COUNT!