STOP using your kids as your EXCUSE!

Ladies….stop using your kids as your EXCUSE but instead let them be your REASON. If I’m being completely honest, this is a hard post for me to write because I tend to be such a “people pleaser” & seriously never what to hurt someone’s feelings.  I’m always so fearful of that.  (I’m working on that one).  But, for me to be completely transparent with you & more than anything be an effective coach that gives you all the tools you need to be successful, I feel like I need to talk about this! All too often, we as moms use our kids as an “excuse” on why we can’t do one thing or another.  Trust me, I’ve done the same thing myself.  I hear this almost daily (and I know there are a variety of situations that it is not an excuse & I completely respect that!)   But, for the REST of us….it is just excuse.  An excuse for why we don’t have to exercise or meal prep or whatever the case might be.  But what example is that actually teaching our children?! I know I tell mine all the time that they can accomplish anything that they put their minds to … why does that belief sometimes fall short when it comes to us as moms squeezing just 30 mins of exercise in? Kids learn by what we consistently DO … not what we SAY! They learn by example. 

So, if you’re thinking...that all sounds great but you don’t know my life, Alexa! I totally get that.  That’s why I wanted to share some tips for all of us as moms to lead a healthy example for our children. You don’t have to take time away from your family to accomplish this either! ⤵️ 

Get up 30 mins before your family does & get 30 minutes of cardio in! 
Take your kids for a walk outside
Ride bikes with your kids
Take a 15 min brisk walk on your lunch break
If you’re watching TV with them in the evenings, do squats during the commercial breaks
If you’re traveling, get up 30 mins earlier & hop on the hotel gym treadmill or do my “travel & tone” full body workout! (Click link for details) 
If they are at ball practice, make laps around the field! 

I know we ALL want our children to grow up healthy with a positive self image & a “no-limits” attitude! It’s our responsibility to teach them this!!! And, if you’re interested in starting a healthy journey...check out my “6 Week Shred” program today! I designed it with busy moms & women in mind. It has all of the tools necessary to get in fast & effective workouts! As always, I am so grateful you took the time to read this...please comment and/or share with another mom that can benefit!! ❤️

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