Staying on track during Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day is one of the most important days in our country.  It is first & most importantly to remember those men & women that have died protecting all of us & the freedoms we enjoy so freely. Freedoms that we too often take for granted.  Olivia & I had an amazing time recently in Washington D.C. & Arlington National Cemetery is an incredible reminder of the enormous sacrifices that have been made for each of us.  Memorial Day is also the unofficial start of summer! Which of course means BBQ’s, weekends at the beach/lake, & overall fun times with family and friends. All of these fun events though leave a lot of my “6 Week Shred” clients asking how they can stay on track with their “6 Week Shred” healthy eating/exercise plan AND still enjoy these events! I wanted to share a few of my tips with all of you today! 

1. Stay ACTIVE - Start off your day with some form of exercise! Get your body moving & burning calories early. Walking, swimming, & biking are fun, simple ways to get that in!  If you’re traveling, check out the hotel gym! If you’re at the beach, enjoy a walk on the beach. I also love full body HIIT circuits as well to get your body’s fat burning mechanisms really going! You can try out one of my no-equipment, full body circuits here

2. Stay HYDRATED- Really getting that water in will make a huge difference! Aiming for at least a minimum of half of your body weight in ounces is essential.  I recommend that all of my clients drink at least one gallon of water a day. This will help a ton in reducing any swelling or bloating you may experience due to an increase in sodium consumption! Try adding a little water for even greater benefit!

3. Stay S.M.A.R.T- 

S : Smaller portions-eat foods you enjoy but consume smaller amounts of them!

M : Make lean proteins your choice! Choose chicken/shrimp/fish/lean pork! I love this shrimp salad recipe from my amazing friend Melanie! 

A : Avoid heavy sauces/mayonnaise/condiments that are loaded with sneaky fats!

R : Remember your GOALS! Enjoy your day but remember your long term goals!

T : Treat yourself .... but not all day long! Eat a healthy breakfast (like this amazing smoothie from my friend Melanie) and then small, healthy snacks throughout the day so when you attend your party or event, you won’t be starving! 

I hope you all have an amazing Memorial Day weekend!  Remember your goals but most importantly enjoy these times with your family & friends! These days are what memories are made of!