the down-low on H2O!

 “the DOWN-LOW on H2O - Why drink more water?” 💦

It’s kind of a running joke with my husband that my initial solution to most minor health ailments or complaints is to “drink more water!”  😉 But why is that? Water is the basis of every single chemical reaction in our body. For our body to run efficiently, it depends on water! So, how exactly does drinking more water aid in weight loss? Also, what benefits can you get starting TODAY just by simply drinking more water?

Since water is the chemical basis of the reactions within our bodies, not drinking enough water causes our bodies not to be able to function to their highest potential. So not enough water equals a slowing of our metabolism! That reason alone should make you reach for that glass of h2O. 🤗 Water increases our metabolism & in turn causes us to burn calories at a greater and much more efficient rate! Also, this  increase in metabolism helps boost our energy levels! I don’t know about you...but that reason alone sounds like reason enough to me! 🙌🏼 Water is also great at keeping us from overeating.  A study from the University of Oxford in 2015 found that drinking 16 ounces of water prior to meals caused the research participants to eat less calories & in turn lose 2.6 pounds more than those not drinking water prior to meals. Finally, a lot of times the signals we take as “hunger” cues are actually just signs we simply need to drink more water. 💦

So, how much water? I always recommend my clients consume at least half of their body weight in ounces of water.  As a rule of thumb, I recommend everyone have a “water goal” of at least 100 ounces per day regardless.  So...the next time you’re hungry? Have a mild headache? Try simply reaching for that h2O & see how that helps! I would love to know as well! 💙

I would love to challenge ALL of you to get more water in this week! Comment “in” below with your “water goal!” Also, tag a friend and/or share with friends!