"When Keto/Low Carb isn't working anymore...what now?" with Guest Blogger Lee Robertson


Hi, my name is Lee Robertson & I am one of the "6 Week Shred" Men's Coaches! I just wanted to talk a moment about the 6 week shred vs other approaches and what works and what doesn’t. Just for a point of reference, I have lost over 103 lbs during my journey. I will have to admit I have dieted my entire adult life , sometimes successful most times not. Most of my success has been doing a low carb or keto diet. However I got to the point where I just wasn’t feeling good or looking good. Also I was plateaued in my weight loss. I’m a good food picture poster, I know I’m that guy. But, in my efforts both my brother Chris and sister-in-law Alexa had always commented on how much fat I was taking in. I thought I was doing it right but just wasn’t getting anywhere. Now let me say this, I think keto is great for what it does and the few people it works good for. It is great for losing weight fast and furious, but then it has a horrible track record of the person gaining most of the weight back and even more. It is also great for carb sensitive people who deal with a range of medical problems including diabetes. After studying nutrition I realize I’m no expert but my body is living proof that some things are working and others were not. I don’t want to sound critical but I see a few of you repeating the same things I did on my first shred. Too much fat and too little carbs. Let me clarify this as well not all fat is bad, not all carbs are bad. The 6 week shred program is great for incorporating a healthy eating habit lifestyle. It is not restrictive to any foods except high sugar and processed foods, which most people should avoid anyway. We preach eat real food, not too much and eat a lot of things from plants. The object of this shred period is to cut weight, therefore we are all set on a respectable but not drastic caloric deficit. This means each person has a basic metabolic rate of required calories needed to operate your body just by being awake and alive. For example a person who weighs 150 pounds may burn 1500 calories just being alive. They workout and burn 200 calories, they also walk 1 mile and burn an additional 50 calories. So for the day technically they probably could eat 1750 calories and not gain an ounce. But if we set your food intake at 1500 and then you burn 250, then you are in a caloric deficit which will lead to weight/fat loss. No matter which diet you are on the only tried and true method of weight loss is reducing calories. It takes 3500 calories to burn off a pound of fat. Here’s the problem, most people who do keto eat WAY more calories than they should even though they are eating according to the keto diet.  With "6 Week Shred" we have developed certain macro percentages to incorporate carbs, fats, & protein. This allows for the person to utilize carbs for energy and a way to escort all the protein into the muscles while keeping fat intake at a healthy minimum. We need healthy fats too! This gets you the prime way to lose fat and gain lean muscle which looks great and makes you feel great. The keto diet I had previously done was around 5% carbs, 20% protein and 75% FAT. This just isn’t healthy for long periods of time and it also causes your body to lose muscle in the long run!  When I first started the shred I was bound and determined to “do my keto” diet with this shred. But guess what, it just wasn’t working. I finally decided to follow the program as Alexa has developed and written and WOW...have I seen results. Not since EARLY high school I have I seen abs that are visible , got them now! since May I have went from a size 38 to a comfortable size 34 in the waist. I went from a L/XL TO A MEDIUM SHIRT and I have energy like a 17 year old. I hope this helps one or more of you out there that is stuck on keto. Eat your carbs. Balance your macros and reap the benefits of healthy eating. Look better , feel better and have a boat load of energy. Remember for keto to even work you must stay under 45-50 grams of carbs per day , ideally <30g. That’s not what we are doing here. I will say this , everything is bad in excess so don’t go overboard with carbs either. Your body will store unused carbs as fat so make sure if you are eating a good bit to work them back off with our workout regimen or an alternate that is compatible. We have incorporated low carb days but if you’ll notice they are still above ketonic levels so that’s not the objective. Check out "6 Week Shred" today!! Promise you won't regret it!