Don't "FALL" into the trap of weight gain this year!

I’ve been there...the summer has passed & it’s time to trade the shorts & swimsuit for comfy sweaters & jeans ( which i am obsessed with this year btw!!)!  All too often, this is where we ‘fall” into that negative cycle of weight gain in these last 3 months of the year...only to have to struggle to lose it come the new year! But, what if THIS year is the year you shift your MINDSET? Why can’t we enjoy this season, have a healthy balance, & continue on a healthy path? I have been thinking a lot about this & wanted to share some of my tips to help you stay focused on your health & wellness goals! Let’s make these last 3 months of the year the BEST 3 months of the year!!

  1. Stay active: Enjoy a walk outside in the cooler weather. This is probably my most favorite time of the year to exercise outdoors. Even just 20-30 minutes of some type of physical activity makes such a big difference. And it’s free! No excuses.

  2. Water:  Continue to get that water in! Also, make sure to drink a glass before each meal & especially if attending a holiday party. This will help keep you full & less likely to overindulge.

  3. Rest: It is so typical to overdo it during the fall & winter months and skimp on our rest. However, doing this can greatly affect our ability to lose weight and/or stay on a healthy path.  Inadequate rest leads to decreased energy & fatigue which can lead to overeating. Sleep deprivation can also can lower our metabolism as well. Make it a point to cut off your devices & get in bed at a consistent time most nights.

  4. Watch portion sizes: Yes, you still want to enjoy holiday events & parties (I know I do!)..but be mindful of portion sizes & don’t overindulge. All too often we don’t even realize what all we are putting into our bodies. Be mindful!

  5. Reduce Stress. Try to remember the real meaning of every holiday & event we celebrate. Slow down & enjoy the time with your family and friends. When you look back, THAT is what you’re going to remember. Not the gifts bought, not the money & stress that went into it!  ( will also be doing yourself a favor by keeping your cortisol levels low & not causing negative side effects to your health!)

My main focus is for all of you to be able to enjoy your life while still being able to maintain your health & wellness goals! Let me know if you try any of these out!  Make sure you’re following me on all of my different social media channels & website to continue to receive all of my articles, ideas, recipes, etc!

And, as always if you benefited from any of these tips...I would love for you to share with your friends as well! (always contact your doctor before starting any type of exercise/nutrition plan!)