Catch some zzzz to catch some GAINS on those health & fitness goals!!


We live in a world today that constantly tells us to “go-go-go!” We are hit from every possible angle that we need to be more, do more, & go more! While this motivated attitude is extremely important to have & to succeed in life, we can’t forget the importance of rest & recovery in our lives. Rest & recovery play into so many aspects. I was reminded of this a few weeks ago after returning home from a 12 hour bus ride home from an amazing (yet exhausting) trip to Washington D.C. As soon as we got home, I hit the ground running like I always do with no rest plus adding on a strenuous workout! And 2 days later... I was quickly reminded why I preach rest & recovery to others!

So...what are the benefits of rest & recovery?
*Improved memory
*Improved concentration & judgement
*Reduces Stress
*Increases Optimism
*Improves insulin sensitivity
*Improves fat loss
*Regulate hormone levels
*Regulate appetite
*Improves 2 main hormones that control hunger
*Decreases cortisol

What are my personal tips to improve rest & recovery?
*Make a plan (children’s bath time, cleaning up kitchen, etc)
*Create a routine (read a book, skincare routine, etc)
*Shut off the screens (so guilty of not doing this myself!)
*Taking Vit C & Nighttime Recovery Supplements

This is why I incorporate REST days into my "6 Week Shred" program! It is essential to reach those health & wellness goals! I've opened up 2 FINAL slots to start with us MONDAY!! Message me now to join or sign up directly from my site!

Happy Friday FIT Friends!!