FIT exercise into YOUR busy life!

#workoutwednesday tips..."HOW to fit exercise into your BUSY life!" I am right there with you ladies & can be incredibly hard to think about fitting just ONE more thing into your schedule. But, to see a change and improvement in your is essential to get moving & get some type of exercise in! Here are a few of the tips are ones that have helped me & my clients tremendously:

1. Get up earlier! (even 15 mins will make a big difference!)

2. Walk during your lunch break

3. Exercise during commercial breaks

4. Put that device DOWN! This one hits home with me way too much & I'm sure it will with a lot of you as well! So much time is wasted on our phones, Ipads, computers, etc! Share these tips with a friend! And can't out exercise poor nutrition! It must be a healthy combo of the two! “6 Week Shred” provides the perfect combination!

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