Nutrition Planning for Busy On-the-Go Women!


Yesterday, I asked the question “what is an obstacle you face or have faced when trying to live a healthier lifestyle?”

There were several answers but I’m going to start with the most frequent one today & give you REAL tips & tricks to help! Being “busy” & having trouble finding time to plan or cook is the #1 most frequent answer! And I personally struggle with this as well! But…without a plan or strategy, it can be very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle! I wanted to share with you some solutions to help make a healthy lifestyle fit into YOUR life plus give you some quick “on-the-go” snack ideas!



The best strategy is to prep & prepare ahead of time. I cannot stress the importance of this enough! (“Fail to plan, plan to fail,” right?!) Just taking the few minutes extra to plan & write out your food makes all of the difference! Use the MyFitnessPal app, write it on a sticky note...just do what it takes to PLAN ahead! That way when things don’t go quite as plan during your day, you’ve already got the nutrition part taken care of!


Also, here are some of my favorite “on-the-go” snacks. These are perfect for a busy day at work or a late night at the kids’ activities! You can click straight on them as well to find out more! (And p.s….I’m playing your own personal “Amazon Alexa” today & linked most of them to Amazon Prime! lol!)


Greek Yogurt

Instant Oatmeal

Meal Replacement Shakes

Protein Bars

String Cheese


Protein Shakes

Rice Cakes

Chicken Packets


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