I get it ladies! I’ve had children & I am getting a “little” closer to 40 so I know how things can change & sometimes things require a little more effort than they did in my 20’s. But, I can honestly say I feel better overall & have more self confidence now than I did in my 20’s & even early 30’s! Through trial & error, my own personal experience, research, & working directly some of the top trainers in the U.S......I have continued to transform my body. One of the main areas I have focused on the most is the glutes! I wanted to share some of my top favorite exercises that can be done at home and/or the gym! And also wanted to share some of my top tips on lifting & toning those glutes. It’s definitely posdibke at age or fitness’ve just gotta put in the work! 

Check out these workouts & headed to my Ig stories now for video demonstrations!!